[IMPORTANT] diffs from sawfish to sawfish-mmc (c and lisp) [and: ridleynizing rep-gtk/sawfish]

Hi all,

I just took some time to make diffs from sawfish to sawfish-mmc (both c and lisp parts).

You can get both diffs (b2zipped), from here:

C Part: http://www.nanolx.org/patch/c.diff.bzip2
Lisp Part: http://www.nanolx.org/patch/lisp.diff.bzip2

Q: Why did you do this?
A: Because merging interresting stuff from -mmc to 1.5.0 is a goal

So take some time and tell us, which features, enhancements or fixes from -mmc, you
want to see in 1.5.0. Either let me implement it, or - even better -, do it on your own. :)


Any news from Scott, regarding tabbing? (Asked him via mail, but got no response - but that might
be caused by my mail provider, which also blocks Mails from Johns address, perhaps there's the some
problem with Scott's mail address? --- so perhaps Timo or someone else could contact him? Let him know,
that tabbing is a goal for 1.5.0 and that there's an updated version available on the ML.)


@ rep-gtk.pc destination:

I fixed it in current trunk


News from sawfish and rep-gtk:

both sawfish and rep-gtk are now pure gtk. no more libgnome, libgnomeui, libgnomecanvas or libglade. All those
libraries have been marked deprecated (and should no longer used therefore) by Project Ridley. So we are up-to-date here. :)

Have Fun!

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