Re: [README] Progress of 1.5.0 (renaming, configure rework, ebuild notes)

Hi, all.

1. On incompatible changes notice.
We've got at least 2 incompatible changes for 1.5.0, namely, 
sawmill-defaults renaming issue, and tree-view in GUI.
This means that we have to notice them to users when installation.

Now, what is the good way for it? At least, we need the
'list of incompatible changes' in NEWS. 
(For Gentoo Linux, I can make ebuild file emit the message at installation.
It is quite noticeable. In gentoo, installation fails sometimes, so
people have a look on the result notice.)

Remember that the need of double-click in tree-view is likely to 
upset users much. (Imagine, "What?! Oh, tree view, good enough. Hm? I
can't open it! Sawfish sucks!!! I need M*tacity or whatever!")

2. On sawmill-defaults
I don't know how many use it, but how about renaming  it to
~/.sawfish/rc-early or .../setup-defaults? I think self-describing 
name is better, and why don't we take advantage of this occasion of 
an incompatible change?

(require 'sawfish-defaults) makes sense, so it can stay.

3. On ebuild, by Christopher
I see.

4. My real name.
If it's svn access, thanks, but I'm hesitating to reveal it. 
Let me think a while.
Anyway, don't expect too much. Still I've got to work on wiki. (making
a bot, surgery on pages, etc.)
# I know Janek has invited me last July, but I haven't had time to
# request it.

Teika kazura

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