Re: trayer crashes sawfish

> can you still reproduce this crash? I've found a way to get a very
> useful debugging information from crashes, but it is simplest to do
> with debian. Do you use debian? See my other post in another thread.
> If you can get debug info like me, we could find the root cause of
> this crash.
> instructions shortly:
> 1. create librep-dbg and rep-gtk-dbg packages and install them (see other
> thread), only difference is that it should be:
>       Depends: librep9 (= ${binary:Version})
>    Rodrigo missed '9' here. Also make sure that sawfish-dbg is installed.
> 2. then compile librep and rep-gtk, do this very analogous to:
>    just replace "sawfish" with "librep", etc.. ; and skip steps 3,4,5
> 3. start screen
>  $ export DISPLAY=:0
>  $ ulimit -c unlimited
>  $ valgrind sawfish > vg-all-mesgs 2>&1
> after crash:
>  $ gdb --eval-command=bt `which sawfish` ./vgcore.10238 >
> vg-sawfish-backtrace
> 4. now you have very useful files vg-all-mesgs and vg-sawfish-backtrace
> 5. we will need exact version numbers of packages that you used here:
> sawfish, librep, rep-gtk. Because those two files
> (vg-sawfish-backtrace, vg-all-mesgs) will be pointing to a line in
> the source code in a certain file, where the crash happened. And
> source code changes a lot, and so the line numbers. So we must be
> sure that we are looking at exactly the same source code that was
> used on your computer, so that the line numbers will match.

Thanks for the detailed info, I don't use debian but fedora but will
try to do the same.
I'll post the results as soon as I have them.


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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