Re: [README] New default keybindings [second attempt]

Hi all.

Let us distinguish good and bad; Christopher's intent must be to offer
users convenience. It's good. Common objections raised are that it's
bad to interfere users' settings. It's reasonable.

One point I'm not sure is: is it possible to disable default bindings
from the GUI? It seems not; I deleted 'toggle-window-shaded' from the
shade-button-keymap but nothing changed. If this is the case, we have
to be quite careful so that sawfish should not steal key strokes from
other apps. 

Well, it's worse? I've put (unbind-keys ...) in ~/.sawfish/rc, but
it *remained*.

Anyway, what's desired by Chris can be partially done by display of
frequently used commands names. So, what about perparing a doc (or a
section in a doc, or brother of OPTIONS) for 'binding examples', like:
;;; Binding examples:
;; Here are listed useful functions to bind to keys. All available commands
;; can be reached from the GUI.

;; Copy the lines you liked into your ~/.sawfish/rc

;;; Global mapping

;; `cycle-windows' and `cycle-windows-backwards' should have the same 
;; modifier.
(bind-keys window-keymap "C-M-r" 'cycle-windows)
(bind-keys window-keymap "C-M-s" 'cycle-windows-backwards)
;;; Windows
The orginal idea by Chris, 'Quit sawfish' and so on, is not bad
to be here.

I'm one of those who heavily customizes keyboards. It seems the ratio
of such people is higher in sawfish users. Maybe it's because what
they seek is flexibility, and sawfish surpasses other WMs in this

Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> ...
> Doesn't M really mean W here, though?

W is a convenient way to let users choose 'the modifier for sawfish',
but making default bindings with W *can* interfere user's settings.

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 09:38:17 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 19.02.2009, 23:11 +0200 schrieb Timo Korvola:
> ... I use C-M-up and C-M-down for raise and lower...
> C-M-down and C-M-up for raise/lower is o.k. 

It's up to users, so you can't say "Ok" nor "No", I think. That's
where my proposal above comes from.

Best regards,
Teika kazura

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