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Am Sat, 07 Feb 2009 16:49:44 +0900 (JST)
schrieb Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com>:

> Hi fuchur.
> > I have add the copyright lines in the ebuilds.
> Thank you! Could you do me one more favor, on how to install it?
> Svn source sometimes fail to compile, but I definitely need
> sawfish. I'd like to do it in safe way. Here is a procedure I can
> think of: 
> 1. Make the backup of the working version:
> $ quickpkg dev-libs/librep (or $ emerge --buildpkg)
> 2. Make overlay and digest the ebuild.
> 3. See if it compiles:
> $ ebuild librep-svn-9999.ebuild install &> log-file
> 4. If ok, unmerge the current one, and do merge.
> Can it be improved? Thank you beforehand.
> Regards,
> Teika kazura


A save way to install and work with the svn ebuilds is:
Set "PORT_LOGDIR=" and "PKGDIR=" in your make.conf
Emerge "dev-libs/librep" "x11-libs/rep-gtk" and "x11-wm/sawfish" with "--buildpkg"
(I use always buildpkg. I have it in my make.conf under "FEATURES=")
Copy the cvs ebuild in your overlay and run:
ebuild /path/to/overlay/dev-libs/librep-svn/librep-svn-9999.ebuild digest
and the same for sawish-svn and rep-gtk-svn.
Remove dev-libs/librep x11-libs/rep-gtk and x11-wm/sawfish with emerge -C
Now try to emerge sawfish-svn and also use buildpkg.
If emerge fails the log file can found under "PORT_LOGDIR=" and 
"dev-libs/librep" "x11-libs/rep-gtk" and "x11-wm/sawfish" you can quick reinstall
with emerge -k.
If you have successful install the cvs ebuilds make a copy from the ebuilds e.g.
"cp librep-svn-9999.ebuild librep-svn-9999-r1.ebuild"
the same for sawfish-svn and rep-gtk-svn. Digest the copys.
So if your always use buildpkg for your successful build and
make a copy form the ebuilds to -r2 -r3 and so on you can always
quick with e.g. "emerge -k =dev-libs/librep-svn-9999-your-r-number"
reinstall a working binary.

At this moment sawfish-ui in cvs is broken. No text.


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