Re: changing the main menu


> Can someone tell me how to re-order the root menu that comes up
> with a left click?

Well mine comes up with a middle click, but that's not relevant :^)

You can populate the root menu the way you want this way: create a file
~/.sawfish/rc, and put that king of stuff in it:

(define-special-variable root-menu
  '(("Small RXvt" (system "/home/fab/bin/small_RXvt &"))
    ("Firefox" (system "firefox &"))
    ("PCManFM" (system "pcmanfm &"))
    ("RealPlayer" (system "/test/RealPlayer/realplay &"))))

That redefines the root-menu variable that sawfish uses to populate the root

Its syntax is rather simple:

'(( "label" command )
  ( "label" command )
  ( "label" command )

"label" is the text that appears in the menu, and "command" the lisp command
that is executed when the entry is clicked.

The most common command is (system "...&") which starts asynchronously any
system command (that is, a new X client, or a script, or any program you
have on your machine).

You can also put () instead of ( "label" command ), on that case a line
separator will appear in the menu.

> At the same time, there is a debian menu in .sawfish/lisp
> that gets ignored.

I don't know about debian peculars though.

I hope it helps.


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