Re: Are only 3 heads supported in grow/pack?

Am Tue, 29 Dec 2009 00:03:45 -0800
schrieb D M German <dmg uvic ca>:

>  Teika> It's Janek who said it, but he has only 3 heads, and he
>  Teika> doesn't understand lisp. So it is confirmed that it works for
>  Teika> 3. If 3 is ok, why not 4? I guess it's his mistake, and
>  Teika> shouldn't creep into the news. (Sorry I haven't argued on
>  Teika> this.)
> I was going to try it on my desktop, when I realized I have version
> 1.3 installed there :(
> It is an OS X computer and it is running under fink. I'll need to
> update my .info files to the latest version :( I 
> oh the pain of upgrades :)
> Has anybody created .deb files for latest ubuntu by the way?

In my repo you'll find binaries for Debian/Unstable (AMD64), else
simply use the packaging scripts, shipped with sawfish, or my deb-src:

deb speedwave main
deb-src speedwave main



> -dmg

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