Re: new tab theme: gradient-tabbed

Hi Teika,

1. it seems to lack the side frame which the original gradient has.
Will it be possible to add it?

you mean those 1 pixel lines? Will check, maybe i really removed them cause i don't think that they're too useful.
2. When you choose this theme, there's stderr outputs:
"image modifiers are unimplemented for gdk-pixbuf"
What's this, anyone?

i don't know rep-gtk well too, so i can suppose that this caused by (recolor-image). I "borrowed" this piece from Step theme. Maybe it will not work now anymore. And i think this call may be eliminated at all.
I don't know theme technology at all, but is it possible to
replace the current "gradient" theme with this?

Frankly speaking this is not exactly "gradient" theme. I  made some small changes in several places. For example -- removed gradient form bottom border (i think it useless to have it there), coloring bottom handles with "to-color" only, and so on. So original "gradient" looks a bit different.

With best wishes:

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