Write doc from users viewpoint, please.

Hi. It's doc issue. Look at the next hunk in news.texi:
-This is part of window rules, but it cannot be **set by** configurator
+This is part of window rules, but it cannot be **exposed in** the configurator yet.
The viewpoint is changed. The former is from users', but the latter
from developers. When you write a doc for users, please take user's

Yes, texts should be useful to developers too. For example, use of a
headline helps, so the short description is for users, and you can
skip the longer contents if not interested in.

One more from the Wiki news:
 Bug fix: Prevent window crashing (at least that part sawfish is fault
 of, bugs in video drivers **of course** still may cause that)
For those who haven't read the patch, i.e., 99% of the news readers,
it's not "of course" at all. For them, it does not matter if it's
of course or by luck. The goal of the news is to tell the fact,
in this case what's done.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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