Re: Binding to a self-defined popup menu

Ok, my bad, my rc file wasn't encoded in UTF-8...

This problem is solved ;^)

But now another: my popup doesn't show even though I bound it to a key

Here is the relevant part of my rc:

; at the beginning
(require 'sawfish-defaults)

(defvar menu-the
  '(("1 minute" (system "small_RXvt -iconic -n Thé -e thé 1m&"))
    ("2 minutes" (system "small_RXvt -iconic -n Thé -e thé 2m&"))
    ("3 minutes" (system "small_RXvt -iconic -n Thé -e thé 3m&"))
    ("4 minutes" (system "small_RXvt -iconic -n Thé -e thé 4m&"))
    ("5 minutes" (system "small_RXvt -iconic -n Thé -e thé 5m&"))

(define (popup-pour-le-the)
  "Popup pour le th'e"
    (popup-menu menu-the))
(define-command 'popup-pour-le-the popup-pour-le-the)

then in the UI configurator I bind the "Popup pour le the" that shows in the
command list to Alt+F7 (shows as M-F7 when I grab it), but nothing happens
when I push Alt+F7, even after restarting sawfish.


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