Re: Binding to a self-defined popup menu

> Strange. in this order:
> librep 0.90.4 (release)
> rep-gtk 0.90.1 (release)
> sawfish 1.6.0 (release)

Yes, in that order.

> they have been compiled? If so and if you used either the GIT from
> yesterday or the release tarballs, then that should not happen.

Well it happens anyway :^).

And I always uninstall the old package before I compile and install the new
one. I didn't uninstall librep or rep because their versions didn't change;
I only uninstalled 1.5.0 and compiled then installed 1.6.0.

I've just tried recompiling and reinstalling librep 0.90.4 then sawfish 1.6
but I still don't see my é in the menu.

Maybe if I reboot :^) ?


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