window menu was: Customize root menu

 >> Well, your defvar is overidden by the menu.jls defvar,
 >> setq/define-special-variable while overcome that. Just for the record.

 Fabrice> Ok, thanks for that.

Just to complement the info you have gotten. I don't configure the root
menu, but the window menu. The advantage is that this way you can call
commands that take a window as a parameter

(setq window-ops-menu
    `((,(_ "Mi_nimize") iconify-window
       (insensitive . ,(lambda (w)
                         (not (window-iconifiable-p w)))))
      (,(lambda (w)
          (if (window-maximized-p w)
              (_ "Unma_ximize")
            (_ "Ma_ximize"))) maximize-window-toggle
            (insensitive . ,(lambda (w)
                              (not (or (window-maximized-p w)
                                       (window-maximizable-p w))))))
      (,(_ "Toggle Maximize _Vertically") maximize-window-vertically-toggle w)
      (,(_ "Toggle Maximize _Horizontally") maximize-window-horizontally-toggle w)
      (,(_ "_Move") move-window-interactively)
      (,(_ "Move _Inside") dmg-move-window-inside w)
      (,(_ "Popup r_oot menu") popup-root-menu)
      (,(_ "U_pdate to head") dmg-update-to-head)
      (,(_ "_Resize") resize-window-interactively)
      (,(_ "_Close") delete-window)
      (,(_ "_Toggle") . window-ops-toggle-menu)
      (,(_ "In _group") . window-group-menu)
      (,(_ "_Send window to")
       (,(_ "_Previous workspace") send-to-previous-workspace)
       (,(_ "_Next workspace") send-to-next-workspace)
       (,(_ "Copy to p_revious") copy-to-previous-workspace)
       (,(_ "Copy to ne_xt") copy-to-next-workspace))
      (,(_ "Stac_king")
       (,(_ "_Raise") raise-window)
       (,(_ "_Lower") lower-window)
       (,(_ "_Upper layer") raise-window-depth)
       (,(_ "Lo_wer layer") lower-window-depth))
      (,(_ "Frame ty_pe") . frame-type-menu)
      (,(_ "Frame sty_le") . frame-style-menu)))

Daniel M. German         
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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