Re: Customize root menu

Am Mon, 21 Dec 2009 18:36:19 +0100
schrieb Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson googlemail com>:

> >> Btw, according to sawfish.texi from 1.6.0 it is documented.
> >
> > Well I'll upgrade to 1.6; but I looked in the wiki, and in the info
> > file, chap. 15, and it did say to use defvar to define it; it's
> > what's used in menus.jl too.

Well, your defvar is overidden by the menu.jls defvar,
setq/define-special-variable while overcome that. Just for the record.

> This is what I use for customizing root menu:
> (setq root-menu '(
>                   ("xterm" (system "xterm &"))
>                   ()
>                   ("firefox" (system "firefox &"))
>                   ("skype" (system "skype &"))
>                   ("vlc" (system "vlc &"))
>                   ()
>                   ("restart" restart)
>                   ("quit" quit)
>                   ("power off" (system "poweroff"))))

Daniel, if you're using Sawfish 1.6.0, you may consider

(poweroff halt)

instead of poweroff, as this does shutdown sawfish
cleanly, while

(system "poweroff")


By default this calls "sudo shutdown -h", but you can adjust it via

(define-special-variable halt-command "poweroff")

besides halt/halt-command, also reboot/reboot-command,
hibernate/hibernate-command and suspend/suspend-command are available
for poweroff as actions/options.


> HTH,
> Daniel

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