My current todos

Hi. Let me list my todo items for 1.6.0.

Higher priority (deadline: end of october)
* Refine 1.5.0 news which is too terse.
* Finish my patch for 'loadpath' enhancement. It enables sawfish lisp 
  directory 'overlays'. User can put test or custom lisp codes in
  their directories, and they are preferred over /usr/share/.../lisp.
  It will be really convenient both for user and developer.
  (Throw in drastic dev codes under overlay, and run in Xnest / Xephyr.
  No need to be root each time.)

  Also in trunk version, some files under ~/.sawfish/lisp/sawfish are
  read, but not all, and the condition which files are read can't be
  seen until you actually try it. Lessor one is easy to achieve,
  though. Move the line which sets loadpath in lisp/sawfish/wm.jl to
  the very top, and you're done. All but wm.jl can be read from
  anywhere. (wm.jl is the first lisp file read by sawfish WM.)

  Mine aims to read from an environment variable, and enable patched
  wm.jl too. Today my patch works only for 1 directory, and not of the
  quality to be commited yet.
* Catch up what's happened. I'm quite out-dated. Dynamic viewport,
  desktop menu creation script...
* Review todo list more.

ordinary: (deadline: 1.6 release)
* Refine news for 1.6. Supplement docs for new features, if any lacks
  (I hope not :)

for 1.7 or later:
* Read mmc patches. 
* Understand buttons > 5 problem.

Daily, not to be scheduled:
* Analyze questionnaire answers. (Thanks all!)
* Sanitize doc and wiki more. (Big bang, if ever, will be after 1.6)

Comments are welcome, but I don't think I can expand this list. My
power is limited :/

By the way, "mmc" is done by Michal Maruska, right? I knew it today.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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