Recent changes

Hi all,

since no one gave me comment on my "possible upcoming changes"-mail a
week. I now commited everything (friday I've already commited all
bugfixes). Doc updates will follow the next days, also git tags for the
recent releases will come tommorow.

sawfish 1.5.1 is released. sawfish 1.6.0 overflooded with
improvements/changes/bugfixes this week. Everything goes well, I would
say :)

... Ah yes: the fdo-menu is currently beeing generated after sawfishrc
is read, therefore a custom apps-menu get overriden, I wrote Matthew a
mail to add an option to prevent that, since I'm too tired now.

temporarily, comment out the lines:

(require 'sawfish.wm.ext.fdo-menu)

in sawfish.wm.extras, to keep your customized menu.

(only apps-menu affected)

Good night, good fight,

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