Review this faq item on "hacking focus, stacking"

Hi. I'd like to add this item to faq. Could someone review it?

I wrote a code to hack focus / window stacking, but it doesn't work!
It seems quite unlikely. Why?

It's one of the trickiest subjects, mainly due to the timing.
You have to understand the entire procedure in which your code
lies. For example, suppose you'd like some fix when a window
appears. Usually, before-add-window-hook, add-window-hook,
after-add-window-hook, and map-notify-hook are called, in this
order. Many functions are put there. (Evaluate each hook, and you can
guess the rough meaning of each from their name.) Pay attention to
their order, check the variables values, and you will probably come up
with the remedy.

Yes, it's too complicated. Sorry for that. It may be improved.

Recently I fell into this trap again (don't remember any more how many
times), and I felt this item is necessary.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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