Re: Secondary keyboard layout on Fedora 11

Hi, Yenya, 

It seems like an X bug. In a past post in sawfish-ml,
what Daniel Pfeiffer reports is not exactly same as the problem
we've got, but it sounds like something is wrong with group switching:
since I recently got a US-builtin keyboard plus a German external one
I've been trying to get some sort of dual configuration, while
retaining my heavy XKB customization.  Giving the differing keys two
groups, and switching with ISO_Next_Group didn't work due to a bug
which makes group2 also lock AltGr -- and I have mostly FOUR_LEVEL, so
I can't access the group2 base letters.

So the XKB developer suggested I use EIGHT_LEVEL, giving me sort of
the same result.  I now have a key which locks a virtual level5
modifier, so that I get two sets of base, shift, AltGr & shift-AltGr.

Seems like better ask X guru.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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