[README] More on sawfish-ui i18n issue

Hi all,

the part of lisp/sawfish/wm.jl that at first tries to set the language,
there's something wrong. If you don't bind the domain to your language
on startup sawfish-ui correctly display non-english letters in strings
(but the srings loaded by sawfish, not sawfish-ui, are english then, of

Test Patch (not to be commited, just a showcase) + Screenshot of
sawfish-ui finally displaying "ä" letters (a German Umlaut) attached to
this mail.

So there is either some misstake here or a conflict between the two trys
to bind the textdomain. I'll now do it the other way round (disable
setting domain in lisp/sawfish/ui/wm.jl but not in lisp/sawfish/wm.jl)
and see what's happening.

Getting closer,

Attachment: Bildschirmfoto-Sawfish-Einstellungen.png
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diff --git a/lisp/sawfish/wm.jl b/lisp/sawfish/wm.jl
index 0eec70c..c28e1c4 100644
--- a/lisp/sawfish/wm.jl
+++ b/lisp/sawfish/wm.jl
@@ -38,17 +38,17 @@
 (setenv "DISPLAY" display-name)
 ;; load i18n support when necessary
-(unless batch-mode
-  (let ((lang (or (getenv "LANGUAGE") (getenv "LC_ALL")
-		  (getenv "LC_MESSAGES") (getenv "LANG")))
-	(disable-nls (get-command-line-option "--disable-nls")))
-    (when (and lang (not disable-nls) (not (string= lang "C")))
-      (require 'rep.i18n.gettext)
-      (bindtextdomain "sawfish" sawfish-locale-directory)
-      (when (boundp 'bindtextdomaincodeset)
-	(bindtextdomaincodeset "sawfish" "UTF-8"))
-      (textdomain "sawfish"))))
+;(unless batch-mode
+;  (let ((lang (or (getenv "LANGUAGE") (getenv "LC_ALL")
+;		  (getenv "LC_MESSAGES") (getenv "LANG")))
+;	(disable-nls (get-command-line-option "--disable-nls")))
+;    (when (and lang (not disable-nls) (not (string= lang "C")))
+;      (require 'rep.i18n.gettext)
+;      (bindtextdomain "sawfish" sawfish-locale-directory)
+;      (when (boundp 'bindtextdomaincodeset)
+;	(bindtextdomaincodeset "sawfish" "UTF-8"))
+;      (textdomain "sawfish"))))
 ;; ignore file errors on stdio streams
 (when (boundp 'set-file-ignore-errors)

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