[RFC] search word with sdcv

Sdcv is a dictionary. With it, sdcv-search can get and search a word
from x selection or user input or picked from emacs if it is focus
window. The result display for N secs. But there are two problems. 1.
It can release all sdcv's power. 2. Can we pick word from screen? And

Any suggestion is appriciated!

(defun display-message-seconds (message seconds #!optional attributes)
  "Display message for N seconds."
  (display-message message attributes)
  (make-timer (lambda () (display-message))

(defvar sdcv-dict-name "~/.stardict/dic/stardict-langdao-ec-gb-2.4.2/")
(defvar emacs-window-name "@EMACS@")
(defvar sdcv-replace-template ",$|^`|^ |^'| $|\\.$|'$|\\?$")
(defvar errmsg "")
(defun sdcv-get-word ()
  "Get the word from current-word in emacs or selection or user input."
  (let* ((stream (make-string-output-stream))
	 (process (make-process stream))
	 (title "Enter String ")
	 (word "")
	 (result ""))
    (if (string= (window-name (input-focus)) emacs-window-name)
	  (call-process process nil "emacsclient" "-e"
			"(with-current-buffer (window-buffer (frame-first-window))
(current-word nil t))")
	  (setq word (get-output-stream-string stream))
	  (setq word (string-replace "^\"(.+)\"\n" "\\1" word)))
      (if (x-get-selection 'PRIMARY)
	  (setq word (string-replace sdcv-replace-template ""
(x-get-selection 'PRIMARY)))
	(setq word ""))
      (when (> (length word) 20); 20 maybe longer than most word, ugly :(
	(setq word "")))
    (setq word (string-replace sdcv-replace-template "" word))
    (setq title (concat title "(" word "):" ))
    (setq result (prompt-for-string title))
    (cond ((not result)
	   (setq errmsg "Canceled.")
	  ((string= result "")
	   (setq result word))

(defun sdcv-search ()
  "Search word with sdcv."
  (let* ((word (sdcv-get-word))
	 (output (make-string-output-stream))
	 (proc (make-process output))
	 (msg-attr '((position . (-1 . -1)) (background . "LightGoldenrod1")
(foreground . "black"))))
    (call-process proc nil "sdcv" "-n" "--data-dir" sdcv-dict-name word)
    (setq output (get-output-stream-string output))
    (if (> (when (string-match "Found \(..?\) items" output)
	     (string->number (expand-last-match "\\1")))
	(display-message-seconds errmsg 2 msg-attr)
      (display-message-seconds output 5 msg-attr))))


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