About Compositor/Future planning

Hi all,

is there any interrest in having a built-in compositor in sawfish?
Dunno, I think it would be nice, but it's not necessary for me.


- is this a feature you want to have for 3.0?
- which brave warriors would code it?

(me won't, other tasks for 3.0 have higher priority, especially rep-gtk
gtk-3.0/sawfish-ui updating, fixing the last showstopper: sawfish not
listening to resolution-changes (...))

3.0 comes when rep-gtk gtk-3.0 is done. I hope atleast in December 2010,
(instead of 1.8), not sure wether June (instead of 1.7 is achievable, so
I'm not planning on this). Compositor was set by Janeck as a goal for
3.0, I know.

And what about merging pager into sawfish 1.6? I set this to the
proposed-goals list, but well, you decide!

leave some comments (again, I know),

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