Re: New questionnaire on your usage of Sawfish

> Now, tell us,
> * What's your focus mode?

Point-to-focus, with autoraise on terminal and editor windows.  I'd like
to be able to toggle autoraise in the window menu, but have never taken
the time to write the code.

> * Favorite scripts?

Don't use 'em much.

> * Your own hacks?

I use the old alt-tab window-cycling code from merlin.  I modified it so
that the window order is alphabetical, with the major key being
iconified/not.  So my uniconified windows are in a stable order,
regardless of what I did last.

> * Suggestions on additional question items?

Back before icons became popular, twm and piewm had an always-up text
list of all windows.  Combined with autofocus and autoraise, that meant
you could point at a window name and start typing.  I would place that
at the edge of the screen and leave the mouse there, which meant I could
switch windows with a tiny mouse movement, even if the window was
completely hidden.  It was sort of like the Macintosh "show all windows"
feature, but much less annoying, clumsy, and intrusive.

Again, I've always meant to write something like this for Sawfish but
have never had the time.
    Geoff Kuenning   geoff cs hmc edu

McDonald's, which does not wait on your table, does not cook your food
to order, and does not clear your table, came up with the slogan ``We
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	-- Dave Barry

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