Re: New questionnaire on your usage of Sawfish

I hope it is OK that I sneak in here slightly deeper in the thread!

dmg wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 9:09 PM, Teika Kazura<teika lavabit com>
> wrote:
>> * What's your focus mode?

click to focus

>> * Favorite scripts?

waffle, pack-window (I think they are in core), jump-or-exec

>> * Your own hacks?
> Very few, I have special hacks for:
> * supporting a prefix for sawfish commands

I do pretty much the same thing.  I use C-' as my prefix and up to a 2
character mnemonic to launch/jump-or-exec a program (ma for mail, t for
a terminal).

> * I have a very crude way to create regions on the screen and 
> send/swap windows in each of them.

I also have my own scripts for doing something very similar to this.  In
fact, I even have a copy of your dmg-quadrants.jl in my collection.  I
can only assume that I found your script after I wrote mine.

Mine is very hackish.  The Sawfish functions that I bind call out to a
Perl script which calls sawfish-client with commands to manipulate the

I have a binding for most of the 8 compass directions (uio jl m,. are
the directional keys I use).  Each direction can have multiple sizes,
and repeated presses of the same key will change a window's size.

I generally have my 1680x1050 divided into 2 columns of about 650 and
1030 pixels wide.  The left (skinny) column is divided vertically into 2
or 3 rows.  The right (wide) column is usually either 1 or 2 rows.

So, with my current regions, the first hit of the U (northwest) binding
moves the current window to the northeast corner of my screen and
resizes it a about 650x310 (fits 3 vertically).  If I hit it again it
will resize to 650x480 (2 fit vertically).

The West direction, the first hit goes 650x310 right below where the
Northwest window would be on the first hit, and goes 650xFull on the
second hit.

It also has some basic window matching.  I have it send keys to my
terminals to adjust font size depending on which region of the screen
the window is sent to.  I set the font sizes in an attempt to always
keep them at least 80x24.

My RCS tells me I started working on this script over a year ago, and
I've learned a quite a bit about how I'd like to improve it.  Since I'm
talking about it here I realized something I'd like to implement.  I'd
like to have a binding to just move the position of the divider between
my columns.  I have a third step on my NW and SW bindings for larger
font 80x24 terminals, and I have an extra binding on my East binding to
make my emacs window take up all the space next to the terminals.  I'd
rather see that happen more automatically :).

I also think it would be pretty cool if I could neat if I could also
give each region its own tab-group.


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