Re: New questionnaire on your usage of Sawfish

Am Dienstag, den 25.08.2009, 13:09 +0900 schrieb Teika Kazura:
> Hi. Let us see the second questionnaire on how you use Sawfish.
> Now, tell us,
> * What's your focus mode?

enter-exit, as it's the fastest in my eyes and avoid 4 billion clicks a
session just for focussing :D

> * Favorite scripts?

atm. mk-saw-menu, currently I'm using nothing else outside from sawfish

> * Your own hacks?

Never had much, most became useless because of feature
additions/bugfixes in sawfish. But I got some modified like `some' or
`try-require' in my current sawfish-git. Well I write more about
possible upcoming changes later.

> * Suggestions on additional question items?

None yet.

> The result of the first census is found at:
> It asked:
> -----------------------
> Do you use:
> 1. workspace? 2. viewport? 3. infinite-desktop? 4. pager? which?
> 5. edgeflip?
> 6. Could you describe more on how you use them?
> 7. Have any idea on them?
> -----------------------
> # I have to answer to my own questions. Just a while.
> Thank you all. Happy sawfish!
> Teika (Teika kazura)

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