Re: New questionnaire on your usage of Sawfish

> * What's your focus mode?

I often cycle windows. 

I also use my hack of raise-lower, "focus-raise-lower". If the
window under pointer is not focused, then focus, but don't restack
window. (These days raise-lower suffices. This was convenient before I
wrote "focus-me-later" patch: )

In focus-me-later, a new window without focus is not put at the
top of window stacking list. I have a code to do it. Thus you can
cycle to the new window, and come back soon.

> * Favorite scripts?
My "Viewport save pointer & focus":

I'm interested in others scripts, but not tested them at all.

And for emacs,
and my own info search enhancement:

> * Your own hacks?

1. When I quit sawfish, I like to manually close xterm, firefox, etc.
But when they are in other viewports and cannot be seen, I can
forget it. So I print warning if there're open windows. Exceptions
are hard coded, so not to be published yet.

But "Shutdown" scripts is better than mine? I'll test it:

2. I warp cursor to the center of the window when cycling. (It was
written when warp-cursor was broken.)

That's all.
Teika (Teika kazura)

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