RE: Re: Does anyone know X and utf-8? Help us with ui i18n prob.

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 > Betreff: Re: Does anyone know X and utf-8? Help us with
ui i18n prob.
 > It seems to me that the problem is with print
representations of
 > non-
 > ascii strings.  That would be a pure rep problem,
nothing to do with
 > X

I guess your and Rodrigos Patch, if they aren't the reason,
they atleast exposed

that issue, as -if I remember correctly- I hadn't had that
problem for very early

releases (1.3.1) on Gentoo. While on Debian I always had
it. Also it hasn't been

reported before 1.3.3.

 > property handling or even Sawfish.  It is just that
 > representations don't read back right.  Try to eval a
 > string
 > in rep and see how the printed return value looks. Note
that princ or
 > format %s of the string works but format %S does not. 
 > print-escape to nil would seem to help, but the string
 > should
 > really be fixed.

If it's a librep bug, I'll have a look at it, later on,
when I'm home.

Do you have some more infos? Just in case.


PS: The mail address you wrote that mail from, is not a
member of the list

I had to approve that mail first, make sure to write from
the correct one :)

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