Some new-turned questions


I'm new in world of sawfish WM, but using it several days shows that this
WM is exactly what I was searching so long (oh... lisp
configuration... isn't it brilliant? ) (:

But, as for every start, I have many questions and many

There is main questions:

1. As every software (as, globally, every tool) have some of it's specific
usage patterns and philosofy, to get the best of it, user should be aware o
it (at least to avoid the wheel-reinventing). Where some kind of "usage
patterns", "philosofy discussions and descriptions" and similar things can
be found? I have used dynamic tiled-wms (xmonad, wmii, dwm, ion) last two
years and used to it so i need to read something, which will give me light
on effective organizing workspace in non-tiled wm. Articles, configuration
files examples (preferable real-word configs of real-users ) and so on will
be appreciable.

2. I have used to make tool fit me, but this is rather complicated task
without base knowledge of system architecture. Is there some documentation,
which will describe architecture of sawfish in briefly way, which can be
used to find-out right directions to dig into?

Saturday, 22 of August, 2009, 14:07

зы. C_U_L8r!

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