[ANNOUNCE] librep 0.90.1

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce librep 0.90.1

Q: What is librep?
A: Librep is an embeddable lisp-dialect with scheme-syntax, which is
fast and does only require a small portion of your PCs resources. It's
the sawfish-base-library, originally written by John Harper.

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/librep/files/


   * Properly terminate the rep interpreter [Jürgen Hötzel]

   * Use readline history in interactive mode [Jürgen Hötzel]

   * Tar file-handler does now support XZ compressed tarballs

   * Tar file-handler does now support LZMA compressed tarballs

   * Improved regex for parsing tar output in the file-handler [Alexey
     I. Froloff]

   * We do now correctly check for libffi

   * Improved libffi-binding [Alexey I. Froloff]

   * Updated librep.sym for missing entries [Alexey I. Froloff]

   * Fixed an incomplete definition

   * Added -L$prefix to libs section of the .pc file

   * No C++ style comments in C code

Happy Hacking,

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