keymap-trans not working

Hi all,

I just found that snippet, but it's not working, though it looks interresting:

  (define-match-window-setter 'keymap-trans
    (lambda (w prop value)
     (declare (unused prop))
      (let ((keymap (or (window-get w 'keymap)
                        (window-put w 'keymap (copy-sequence window-keymap)))))
         (lambda (pair)         ; pair of from and to keys
            (bind-keys keymap (car pair)
              (lambda () (interactive)
                (synthesize-event (lookup-event (cadr pair)) (input-focus))))) value))))

try it out (example):

(add-window-matcher 'WM_NAME "^Nautiloid$"
  '(keymap-trans . (("M-C-h" "M-C-v"))))

(I've got another matcher, set via sawfish/custom that renames *Nautilus* to Nautiloid)

Now then pressing M-C-h it should send M-C-v to the app, but that does not work ...

any clue?

ah yes, original code by Scott Scriven, but he's no longer working on sawfish, sadly.
And this one can't be exposed via UI (atleast currently), as it needs "special" quoting.

Thanks in advance,

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