Re: Ebuild and Spec updated

On 02/08/09 00:43, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:

Which files did stay there after distclean?

The files (at the root level) that were not in git were (in timestamp order):

Some may not matter, but libtool contains build host things like gcc lib paths that are specific to the host that ran configure.

How portable should the source be, and what tools are assumed to be used for the compile?

Should I be able to take the dist source and feed it into both my boxes, i686 and x86_64? At the moment I need to create specific sawfish.spec files due to the librep snafu, so you can't make a universal source rpm (you need a spec file before the start). I don't know enough about rpm syntax to say whether it is possible to have a generic spec file that imports environment variables from the ongoing build to modify the paths on the fly.

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