Re: Dual-head with one head rotated?

Andrea Vettorello wrote:
On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 8:18 PM, Daniel M German <dmg uvic ca> wrote:

It is possible to restrict an area of the X server to be cursor-less?
how would it be done? I'll be able to write the Lisp, but I have no
idea how this can be accomplished.

Any hints, ideas?

There are functions to warp mouse pointer (offset to the screen
origin) but seems I can't find Xinerama (heads?) hook. My idea was to
hook a function to warp the pointer when moved between heads.

Maybe one of the pointer motion hooks can be used, but I don't have a
Xinerama setup to try it, and to be honest, I don't even know if
warping the mouse pointer to restrict an area of the X display could
be a viable workaround... (*^_^)

I had the same idea, to just warp the cursor the moment it goes onto a different head (so say it was at 20% height of head 1, put it at 20% height of head 2, which is smaller) or out of the head (warp it back).

Well, looking at the documentation, the only real mouse motion hook is leave-notify-hook/enter-notify-hook The "leaving the root window" seemed promising, but I just tried it, binding it to show-message, and it doesn't get triggered when moving between Xinerama heads, or when moving into the "dead zone" on the second head.

We probably need to create a patch for a xinerama hook :)

Rafal Kolanski.

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