Re: Dual-head with one head rotated?

Omen Wild wrote:
Thanks for the idea, but that seems like a huge kludge.  It seems to me
that sawfish should be able to figure that out by itself.  Another
problem with the avoided window is that it will not keep the mouse from
traveling into the dead space.

Did you manage to resolve the mouse cursor issue? It's really annoying to move the pointer to the bottom of screen 1, move it to the right onto screen 2, then have to move it up over 200 pixels just so it appears at all.

As for placement, I can see that the placement algorithm I'm using (first-fit) doesn't consider Xinerama heads properly (or in the way I want) so I'm in the process of fixing it (slowly, while learning lisp).

Also, the send-to-head script fails for me for any window not at the top-right corner of a screen (invalid argument errors).

Rafal Kolanski.

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