Re: [README] Possible Goals for 1.3.5

Andrea Vettorello schrieb:
On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 10:48 PM, Christopher Bratusek
<nano-master gmx de> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm currently browsing through sawfish's bugzilla entry to look for
interessting stuff.

Here's a list of bugs that I personally would like to have as goals for

Tell me what you think.


I will look for 5 and 6, but in the next few days I will be a little
busy. I have some doubts about point 4, point 2 doesn't seem a 10
minutes hack.  (^__^;)

#5 is somehow important if you ask me. Nice to have someone to take a look
at it. And of course you don't have to hurry. About #4: I know that it sounds a bit
strange, this is what I think of it:

| [A]       | [F]      | [U]       |
| A1       | F1       | U1       |
| [B]       | F2       | [V]      |
| E9       | T4       | Z1       |

and so on. It should only appear if there are more than 20 or 25 themes to display at once, because a gtkcombo (this is so or so a deprecated widget) become unusable at this stage.

#2 is definitively not a quick patch, but on the other hand another unique characteristic.
And a pretty useful, too.

I was interested to add a command line "--replace" option to replace a
currently running WM, but I'm still in the documentation phase. Some
days ago I was looking how is done on Metacity. Seems it needs the
cooperation of the running WM, is it documented somewhere?.

That would be a pretty nice #8. I wanted to have that earlier,
but after completely switching to sawfish I forgot about that.

Dunno if there's something documented, but if I find something, I'll tell you.
I have an improved version of stop-focus mode, it depends on one liner
patch to slide-window.jl, a pretty harmless hook, but I need to update
the documentation before to propose it.
sounds good.


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