[README] Possible Goals for 1.3.5

Hi all,

I'm currently browsing through sawfish's bugzilla entry to look for interessting stuff.

Here's a list of bugs that I personally would like to have as goals for 1.3.5

Tell me what you think.

1) Complete Button Layout(s) for Crux

// Christian Marilliat made that bug-report
// but for 1.0 - I made a completly new patch
// which adds the Complete and Complete (Inverse)
// button-layouts to Crux


2) Support for merging two windows into a single frame

// I find the Idea really interesting - Think about what we could do with the GIMP!
// no longer 3 + x windows, just one
// we could also extend the window-history function to save that, too.
// That would be a great thing to have in my eyes


3) Honour aspect ratio

// Andrea already made a patch for this
// I didn't test it yet


4) Split theme menu by first letter (if many themes to show)

// pretty useful idea if you ask me.


5) Sawfish-UI gets confused if sawfish is restarted

// if you restart sawfish without closing sawfish-ui before
// that sawfish-ui instance gets useless
// the easiest thing would be, to close sawfish-ui together with sawfish


6) Sawfish-UI does not list stagger placement mode

// shouldn't be a big deal to add one more thing to the combobox


7) ATK-Accessibility Support (Sawfish-UI)

// the nessacary rep-gtk is already part of trunk
// reqs bump of rep-gtk req to 0.18.1 and this patch
// doesn't cause probs on my system

// ... need to ask John for a official 0.17.2/0.18.2 release
// of rep-gtk and librep ...


So far so good.


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