Sawfish-1.3.4 and vanishing themes

Apologies if this will show up twice.  It looks from here
that my first posting on the subject was lost somewhere.


I wrote before that I see only two themes in sawfish-1.3.4.
The picture is actually more complicated (and does not depend
if sawfish was compiled with gdk-pixbux or without).

If I will do in sawfish-client

     (quote default-frame-style) (quote NNNNN) (quote frame-style))

with "NNNNN" string substituted by a name of a desired theme,
then I can set any of themes which I have around here.  In
sawfish-ui on a list of available themes then shows up that theme
and 'absolute-e'.  If you will pick up the later then this
list will be reduced to that later entry.

So the issue is somewhere with sawfish-ui and not sawfish itself.
Does anybody see something similar?


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