Re: Resize with hints + mplayer

On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 10:20 PM, Dan Merillat <dan merillat gmail com> wrote:


> Basically, they add to xmotion if it's too narrow, and ymotion if it's
> too wide.  The code is pretty ancient, and has a do { } while loop in
> it which means if the implementation is screwed up it can simply spin.
>  Sawfish does recognize PAspect in the C source, but I don't know my
> lisp well enough to see how it's used.  Anyone?

An year late, but if you want to test it, I've posted a patch here:

To be honest I find my code a little ugly, still I've spent more than
an afternoon to cobble it together. I would like to improve it, for
example cloning Metacity behaviour (does it switch gravity according
to the edge used to resize a window?), but before spending another
afternoon on it, I would gladly hear some opinions...  (*^__^)


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