Serious breakage with sawfish 1.3.4

I just tried some sawfish hacking and found that it is not
compilable if a valid configuration option '--without-gdk-pixbuf'
(its description says "Use Imlib1 instead") is picked up.  The
problem is that whomever liberally sprinkled '(gpointer)' in various
places in source did not check that this is not defined then and did
not provide a valid replacement for that case.  Also some variable
used behind '#if defined HAVE_IMLIB ...' vanished unconditionally
from declarations although this is truly minor with an obvious fix.

Another things which left me scratching my head was that with
freshly recompiled 1.3.4 sawfish-ui showed only _two_ themes; namely
"absolute-e" and "microGUI".  I would expect to see 23 (I have a
bunch of extra themes which I picked up from old sawfish rpms from
Red Hat and everything from /usr/share/sawfish/1.3.3/themes/ on my
Fedora 9 installation does show up as a usable theme; with many of
these in tar.gz format.  Anything to do with '--without-gdk-pixbuf'
distaster?  My 1.3.3 packages were compiled that way.


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