Re: Font problem

On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 04:28:12PM +0100, Petter Gustad wrote:
> I can't select a default font using the sawfish-ui, or I can
> select it but it has no effect. If I select fixed-8 the next time I
> run it the font is the same, some large Helvetica font (which takes up
> a large portion of my screen real estate).

It sounds like you need a Pango support.

> I'm using sawfish version 1.3.3. 

It seems to me that Pango was there already without patching.
Maybe it should turn on in a configuration?

> I've also tried setting the defualt font in my .sawfishrc file:
> (setq default-font (get-font "fixed" 12))
> which does not work either.

That will look somewhat like that:

(custom-set-typed-variable (quote default-font)
 (quote ("Pango" . "Bitstream Vera Sans Bold 13")) (quote font))

and sawfish-ui should do that for you in your ~/.sawfish/custom


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