Re: [README] New development cycle

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 10:10 PM, Christopher Bratusek
<nano-master gmx de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> since I got the maintainer ship of sawfish from janek today, I decided to
> give a christmas-present to
> our users: Sawfish 1.3.5 will be released on either 22.12.08 or 23.12.08.
> But you don't have to hurry,
> anything not finished until when will simply go to 1.3.6.
> New development cycle will see a release each 10 - 12 weeks.
> (only if there's enough stuff for a new release of course)
> ... That is not too much but faster than now.
> Voting system stays as is, but what if there's only the authors vote, or
> just one additional vote, should
> I then decide about the patch or are there other ideas?
> About sawfish-experimental ... I would prefer doing sawfish development,
> like I do librep and rep-gtk.
> When something is finished, tested and approved it goes to trunk
> immediately. That means, if your patch
> is approved, you can commit on your own without having to ask once more. Of
> course we can keep
> sawfish-experimental, but how many people do really use it, in favor of
> stable or trunk? What do you think?

I'm still using the version available in Debian (Sid), and unless it's
something in the C core, it's ridiculously easy to test new jl
"modules" on a stable version.

> Does anyone know how to upload to the gnome-ftp and how to update the
> gnome-release-rss? What might
> give us more publicity. ( RSS-Location:
> )
> I thought about the documentation situation ... perhaps it's really better
> to force the developer to add at least
> a small documentation entry for the new functions? As you can see on the
> wiki the current docu is outdated.

I think it's a sensible requirements for new functions.

> As far as I know Sven left us, right? But he's still listed at the People
> page. On the other hand Timo and Teika
> are missing. You two really should add yourselves to the list, since your
> both doing a great job.
> What about Robert? I never heard anything of him (since July 07). And Andrea
> might update his "Skills" listing.

Essentially a basic Comon Lisp and C knowledge, never created big or
complex applications.

> What do you think about participating to librep and rep-gtk, too?
> I'm sure that you have ideas for them, too. (everyone with a svn account can
> write to them)
> I'm listening to all three dummy users in the bugzilla (librep, rep-gtk and
> sawfish), so you can post your
> bug-reports or feature-requests there, I'll get informed. If someone else
> (Timo, Andrea or Teika?) wants to maintain
> the bugzilla entr{y,ies} together with me, I can add you to the list of
> developers. (You need a bgo account of course).

I have a Gnome bugzilla account with some privileges, enough to close
bugs or at least I had last time I checked, so I can help you there.

> If there's anything else to discuss, just start a discussion :).
> About the DVCS discussion we had earlier, we'll talk again in january.


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