[README] New development cycle

Hi all,

since I got the maintainer ship of sawfish from janek today, I decided to give a christmas-present to
our users: Sawfish 1.3.5 will be released on either 22.12.08 or 23.12.08. But you don't have to hurry,
anything not finished until when will simply go to 1.3.6.

New development cycle will see a release each 10 - 12 weeks.
(only if there's enough stuff for a new release of course)

... That is not too much but faster than now.

Voting system stays as is, but what if there's only the authors vote, or just one additional vote, should
I then decide about the patch or are there other ideas?

About sawfish-experimental ... I would prefer doing sawfish development, like I do librep and rep-gtk.
When something is finished, tested and approved it goes to trunk immediately. That means, if your patch
is approved, you can commit on your own without having to ask once more. Of course we can keep
sawfish-experimental, but how many people do really use it, in favor of stable or trunk? What do you think?

Does anyone know how to upload to the gnome-ftp and how to update the gnome-release-rss? What might
give us more publicity. ( RSS-Location: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/LATEST.xml )

I thought about the documentation situation ... perhaps it's really better to force the developer to add at least
a small documentation entry for the new functions? As you can see on the wiki the current docu is outdated.

As far as I know Sven left us, right? But he's still listed at the People page. On the other hand Timo and Teika
are missing. You two really should add yourselves to the list, since your both doing a great job.
What about Robert? I never heard anything of him (since July 07). And Andrea might update his "Skills" listing.

What do you think about participating to librep and rep-gtk, too?
I'm sure that you have ideas for them, too. (everyone with a svn account can write to them)

I'm listening to all three dummy users in the bugzilla (librep, rep-gtk and sawfish), so you can post your
bug-reports or feature-requests there, I'll get informed. If someone else (Timo, Andrea or Teika?) wants to maintain
the bugzilla entr{y,ies} together with me, I can add you to the list of developers. (You need a bgo account of course).

If there's anything else to discuss, just start a discussion :).

About the DVCS discussion we had earlier, we'll talk again in january.

All the best and happy hacking,


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