Re: Bottom resize bar shown when a window is maximized

On Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 10:12PM, GSR - FR wrote:
And I don't see any themes that do anything with maximized windows...

Some change the icon, for example FinalStep.

I actually have FinalStep installed, but I was looking at the sawfish
source directory and missed it completely.

There's a "removable" flag set on select elements in the theme.jl, all
of which were missing from mine. This helped me fix an unnoticed issue
where the various titlebar buttons were showing up even if the feature
was unavailable, so that's something, even if the rest of this isn't
working. :P

; doesn't do anything except keep the window from returning to normal
(add-hook 'window-maximized-hook
  (lambda (w) (set-frame-style w 'shaped)))
(add-hook 'window-unmaximized-hook
  (lambda (w) (set-frame-style w 'default)))

; works when maximizing, but nothing happens when restoring
(add-hook 'window-maximized-hook
  (lambda (w)
    (remove-frame-class w 'bottom-left-corner)
    (remove-frame-class w 'bottom-border)
    (remove-frame-class w 'bottom-right-corner)))
(add-hook 'window-unmaximized-hook
  (lambda (w)
    (add-frame-class w 'bottom-left-corner)
    (add-frame-class w 'bottom-border)
    (add-frame-class w 'bottom-right-corner)))

There's some empty space where the resize grip was, so I'm guessing
it's being removed too late for the window height to be calculated
without it.



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