Re: Bottom resize bar shown when a window is maximized

On Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 10:10AM, Andrea Vettorello wrote:
You surely can modify your current theme to display only the title bar
when a window is maximized, or maybe you can try a general solution
that should work with every existing theme, using the
"call-after-state-changed" function. You should trace when a window is
maximized (and minimized) to change the window type from default to
shaped and vice versa (shaped windows normally are decorated without
borders and with a title bar).

I tried these in my ~/.sawfishrc, but they're not doing anything:

(define (maximized-state-change w)
  ; first this
  (if (window-get w 'maximized-fullscreen)
    set-frame-style w 'shaped))

  ; then this
  (if (window-get w 'maximized-fullscreen)
    (remove-frame-class w 'bottom-left-corner))

  ; finally this
  (remove-frame-class w 'bottom-left-corner))

(add-hook 'add-window-hook maximized-state-change)
(call-after-state-changed 'maximized maximized-state-change)

And I don't see any themes that do anything with maximized windows...

Anyone have suggestions?

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