Bottom resize bar shown when a window is maximized

Hi list,

When I maximize a window, the bottom grip/resize bar is shown and
I'd like it to be hidden. The other blackbox-like themes included
with Sawfish show the same thing. Is there a special class or flag
that can be set to hide it when maximized?

My "normal" frames-alist looks like this:

         ((bottom-edge . -5)
          (right-edge . 23)
          (left-edge . 23)
          (background . "bottom-middle")
          (class . bottom-border))
         ((left-edge . -1)
          (bottom-edge . -5)
          (background . "bottom-left")
          (class . bottom-left-corner))
         ((bottom-edge . -5)
          (right-edge . -1)
          (background . "bottom-right")
          (class . bottom-right-corner))



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