Re: Sawfish switching workspaces with Galeon

Andrea Vettorello wrote:
: On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 8:00 PM, Jan Kasprzak <kas fi muni cz> wrote:
: >        I have been briefly using Metacity (until I found out how to
: > run sawfish under GNOME 2.22 - gnome-session no longer accepts
: > the WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable :-), and I have discovered that
: > Metacity does not have a problem I have been experiencing with Galeon
: > web browser for a long time, and which I thought to be a Galeon bug:
: >
: >        When I run "galeon -n http://some.url/"; (to open a new tab
: > in an existing Galeon instance), and Galeon is not on the active
: > workspace/viewport, sawfish switches the view to the workspace/viewport
: > where Galeon is, and new tab is opened. In metacity, I am able to do this
: > without window manager switching workspaces on me. So probably this is
: > a sawfish bug (or feature, then tell me please how can I turn it off :-).
: It's Galeon that requires focus to the window when a new tab is opened
: (for example it doesn't happen with Firefox): Metacity moves Galeon to
: the current workspace, Sawfish switches workspace. IMHO both are
: reasonable behaviour, I haven't checked if there's an option in
: Sawfish to mimic Metacity

	In fact Metacity (as of Fedora 9) does not move either Galeon or
the workspace. The active workspace remains the one with the terminal
window to which I have entered the "galeon -n" command, and the Galeon
window on the other workspace silently opens a new tab, which is what I would
expect from Sawfish. Maybe Metacity has some special hack around the
Galeon behaviour?


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