Sawfish switching workspaces with Galeon

	I have been briefly using Metacity (until I found out how to
run sawfish under GNOME 2.22 - gnome-session no longer accepts
the WINDOW_MANAGER environment variable :-), and I have discovered that
Metacity does not have a problem I have been experiencing with Galeon
web browser for a long time, and which I thought to be a Galeon bug:

	When I run "galeon -n http://some.url/"; (to open a new tab
in an existing Galeon instance), and Galeon is not on the active
workspace/viewport, sawfish switches the view to the workspace/viewport
where Galeon is, and new tab is opened. In metacity, I am able to do this
without window manager switching workspaces on me. So probably this is
a sawfish bug (or feature, then tell me please how can I turn it off :-).



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