Re: Sawfish on xrandr/mergedfb dualhead

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 7:50 PM, Jan Kasprzak <kas fi muni cz> wrote:
>         Hello, world!\n
>  I am trying to use sawfish on XRandR/MergedFB based dual-head setup
>  (I have been using Zaphod - i.e. dual screen - mode with sawfish --multihead
>  before). Now I have a single virtual screen 3200 by 1200 pixels with two
>  physical 1600x1200 monitors.
>         So far I have found one problem: when a window is maximized,
>  it cannot be moved to the other head (while remaining maximized). I have
>  to unmaximize it first, it then becomes movable, move it to the other
>  screen, and maximize it there.
>         Could the maximized windows be made movable when they are maximized
>  to smaller dimensions than the virtual screen size?

There's an option to lock a window if maximized, should not be enabled
as default, anyway try to explicitly disable it with:

(define-special-variable move-lock-when-maximized nil)

otherwise I think it's a bug in Xinerama support.


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