Re: Compiling Sawfish on Slackware 12.0

Michal Jaegermann <michal harddata com> writes:

> On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 01:39:39PM -0400, Joel J. Adamson wrote:
>> ./configure'ing sawfish 1.3.3 with
>> ,----
>> | ./configure --prefix=/usr --without-gnome --with-libglade=/usr/lib/
>> `----
> I may be mistaken but IIRC you have only --with-libglade
> and --without-libglade configuration options (or some variants
> of that like '--with-libglade=yes').

Okay, thanks.

>> I get a long way, but it dies with the following error:
>> ,----
>> | ...
>> | /usr/bin/msgfmt  -o zh_TW.po
>> | ./make-pot
>> | ./make-pot: line 42: libglade-xgettext: command not found
>> | make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/joel/tmp/sawfish-1.3.3/po'
>> `----
> I have no idea how Slackware is splitting its packages but
> usually things like 'libglade-xgettext' belong to a "devel" part
> together with headers and development libraries and you need
> those anyway if you want to use '--with-libglade'.

And if I don't?  Will it still build?  I seem to recall trying that and
still getting the same error: I will try it again.

> A presence of some shared library is good enough to run things but not
> sufficient to compile.  Most likely other warnings you have seen are
> caused by that.  You need to install more of a develpment stuff.

Where does the libglade-xgettext command come from?  Andrea hinted that
libglade-xgettext was from an old configuration of libglade and that
this doesn't need to happen.  On top of that, I searched the official
Slackware repositories, and there is only one libglade package.  The
Slackware development packages are in the d/ series, and I installed all
of them and have not removed anything in the d/ series.

I'll ask the same question I asked in my response to Andrea: is there
some configure option I can use that will not produce these
libglade-related errors?  I just tried it after configuring with
"--disable-themer" and I get the same error.


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