Re: Button6 breaking all bindings

la 23.06.2008 00:19 Daniel Pfeiffer skribis:
la 22.06.2008 23:15 Timo Korvola skribis:
Sawfish needs to be fixed to support extra mouse buttons without
messing with the modifier state (buttons after 5 do not have modifier
bits, Sawfish just pretends they do).
If group locking is represented as a modifier bit which coincides with the one used to represent mouse6, that would seem to be the cause.  But that would make sawfish useless to all users of multi-keyboard setups (physically or only logically mapped on the same one) so there should be tons of complaints, or don't you have users from far eastern and south eastern Europe?
As a workaround I fix those maps which cause a problem for me, at the end of my .sawfishrc:

 (lambda (l)
   (setq l (cdr l))            ; skip 'keymap
   (while l
     (let ((name (event-name (cdar l))))
       (if (string-match "Button" name)
       (setq l (cdr l))
     ; Duplicate keybinding with phony Button6 modifier, which SF assumes in XKB group 2
     (setcdr l `((,(caar l) ,(lookup-event (concat "Button6-" name))) ,@(cdr l)))
     (setq l (cddr l))))))
 (list prompt-keymap global-keymap window-keymap))

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