Re: Button6 breaking all bindings

Daniel Pfeiffer <occitan t-online de> writes:
> Going back to group1, both keys work again.  I used the
> customization dialog to see: in group1 for example I get the expected
> H-F4, in group2 that becomes H-Button6-F4 and so on for all keys.

Support for more than five mouse buttons in Sawfish is broken
and apparently interferes with multi-layout xkb configurations.  See
and subsequent discussion.

Sawfish needs to be fixed to support extra mouse buttons without
messing with the modifier state (buttons after 5 do not have modifier
bits, Sawfish just pretends they do).  Ideally this would be a job for
someone who uses a multi-layout xkb config and a mouse with more than
five buttons.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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