Button6 breaking all bindings

la 17.06.2008 01:02 Daniel Pfeiffer skribis:
since I recently got a US-builtin keyboard plus a German external one I've been trying to get some sort of dual configuration, while retaining my heavy XKB customization.  Giving the differing keys two groups, and switching with ISO_Next_Group didn't work due to a bug which makes group2 also lock AltGr -- and I have mostly FOUR_LEVEL, so I can't access the group2 base letters.
The bug is somewhat different, the server copies the levels 3 & 4 from group 1 into levels 1 & 2 of a group2 it arbitrarily creates.
So the XKB developer suggested I use EIGHT_LEVEL, giving me sort of the same result.  I now have a key which locks a virtual level5 modifier, so that I get two sets of base, shift, AltGr & shift-AltGr.  The problem is that sawfish seems to notice the modifier, and since I have no bindings with level5 (most of mine are Hyper), it thinks any event isn't for sawfish :-(  How, short of doubling every keybinding, can I tell it to ignore level5?
I found a workaround for that bug, so now again I have group1 (about us+euro) and group2 (about de) plus I have an empty group3 on many keys for the workaround.

Again sawfish is causing problems -- this time inexplicable.  When I lock group2, be it via ISO_Next_Group or ISO_Last_Group (which despite the name goes to group2) sawfish ignores keybindings.  When I use sawfishes' little prompt window, I can type normal text at it, but return jumps to before the prompt and backspace inserts a little bit icon.  Going back to group1, both keys work again.  I used the customization dialog to see: in group1 for example I get the expected H-F4, in group2 that becomes H-Button6-F4 and so on for all keys.

When I do xkbcomp -xkb :0 - to dump the keymap, it is as expected, nothing about Button6 in there.  Also when I hold Button2 in Emacs while typing a letter at F1 c (keybinding lookup) the button is noticed but then ignored.  But this magic Button6 is not seen by Emacs, nor by xev.  This makes me think sawfish 1.3.1 has a problem with group2 :-(
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