Re: Button6 breaking all bindings

On Mon, 23 Jun 2008 00:19:30 +0200, Daniel Pfeiffer <occitan t-online de> writes:

> If group locking is represented as a modifier bit which coincides with the one
> used to represent mouse6, that would seem to be the cause.  But that would make
> sawfish useless to all users of multi-keyboard setups (physically or only
> logically mapped on the same one) so there should be tons of complaints, or
> don't you have users from far eastern and south eastern Europe?

I think that the users of sawfish are more creative than with other
window managers.  You don't have thousands of complaints, because
sawfish is old and if someone watch its development it seems to be
unmaintained, so there is no reason to complain.  And there is an easy
workaround, in my ~/.sawfish/rc I use:

	     "H-Button6-KP_Add" '(rxvt/change-font rxvt/font-sizes)

assignments too if there is

	     "H-KP_Add" '(rxvt/change-font rxvt/font-sizes).

But if the amount of complaints counts, then +1.


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